28 things I’ve learned in my 28 years

We all have learned the easy and hard way about life. So I thought it would be cool to share what I’ve learned in my 28 years. Yes, so old 😜. Here is a post for you. Short and sweet 😁. 

1) Stop taking everything personally. 

2) Great friends really are hard to come by.

3) People will hurt you. Even unintentionally. 

4) Staying stuck in one place will eventually become your fault. 

5) Controlling your emotions will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

6) Do more than dream. Take action towards your goals. 

7) The love you search for is in yourself. 

8) New habits takes daily dedication 

9) It’s okay to be sad and cry. 

10) Most will not truly understand you or your journey. And that’s okay. 

11) Disappointments and failures are a necessary part of life. 

12) Be yourself always. It’s the best kind of freedom. 

13) Do what is best for you, even if others don’t approve. 

14) If you keep eating crap, the consequences WILL catch up to you. 

15) The little things you do everyday does have an effect on someone or something. Try to be aware of the things you do. 

16) If you want to learn a new skill, find the proper instructor. You do not know everything

17) Sometimes, you ARE the problem. 

18) Be more than sorry. Be better than the person who had to say sorry. 

19) There is a such thing as using tact when being honest. 

20) Good people CAN make mistakes and do bad things. 

21) You cannot change those who see nothing wrong with their actions. 

22) Everyone’s definition of helping is different. 

23) Holding in your problems hurts you. You are poisoning yourself. 

24) Those who serve no more purpose in your life must be removed. 

25) Taking out your frustrations on someone will ALWAYS be childish and selfish. 

26) Don’t make promises that you cannot keep. 

27) Don’t expect people to always keep their word

And 28) You. Are. Enough. 

What else would you add to this list? Until next time guys 😘. 

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