Confessions of a Fitness Coach

****Warning. This post you are about to read is from my personal experiences and my feelings. This doesn’t apply to everyone I’ve met. However, I do want to express my frustrations as a fitness professional. If you get really offended, well too bad. These things happen to me all the time and you don’t get to tell me how to feel. 😛


Every personal trainer and coach has their gripes that is only spoken between other trainers and coaches. To be honest, every profession has their grievances that aren’t told to the public normally. But since the main profession that I have been in has been in the fitness industry, I can only speak from my experiences. Clients, we adore you. We hear your stories about how your life, your aspirations, and concerns. Sometimes, just sometimes, you can be our little nightmares. Here are 3 things that I must confess as a fitness coach that really get under my skin.

1. My services are NOT FREE. I repeat, my services are NOT FREE. Do I need to repeat it for the people in the back? In my 6 years in the fitness industry, I have had many people come up to me and ask me what they can do to lose weight and gain muscle. When I tell them the generic answer of “it depends on you, your goals and your time,” I get asked immediately how much my services are. If it didn’t sound like “free right now,” I would get the “I will hit you up later” face. Let’s not even include the “I’ll make an appointment with you” but never really was serious about it or the “i just want you to give me a couple of exercises to help me” but will never really do it. I want to help you, I really do. I just have one little, itty, bitty question: DO YOU ASK YOUR DOCTOR FOR FREE MEDICAL CARE? No, I didn’t think so. Please stop trying to take advantage of me.

2. Working out goes beyond just cardio and a “few” machines. If that was really working for you, have you made great progress over the past 6 months? Has it fixed most, if not all, of your ailments? If the answer is no, then hire someone to help you. Nothing makes me want to shout from the rooftops when people say they are working out but is slow peddling on the recumbent bike with a book for half an hour. I would rather you go walking outside. You will work much harder doing that. Want to lose weight? Pick up some weights. Do a try a group fitness class. Eat whole foods. Just stop lying to yourself when you say you workout.

3. Did you hire a trainer? Did they do assessments on you? Did they give you a plan on your body and what it would take to get to your goals? Did you follow it to a tee? If that last answer is no and you blamed your trainer for not reaching your goals, you should be a shamed. We want you to look your best just as badly as you. You may have spent money on the trainer, but the trainer is spending lots and lots of time analyzing the best way to help you. Want to know why I said you should be ashamed? Your trainer has spent lots of money and time getting a degree and/or certifications. They are excited when they are given the opportunity to change your life. They research the best methods to help you and give you the plan. They tell you it’s a team effort. They tell you they are there for you every step of the way. What do you do? Sneak a couple of fattening burgers here. Eat a steak that’s covered in butter and sauce. You skip breakfast over and over again. You eat more than just a piece of cake. You spend the weekend eating that cake. Then you look at your trainer and ask this, “why do I still look the same? I’ve spent a lot of money on you.” Your trainer asks you how your diet is coming along. You say it’s going well. They ask you to tell them what you ate the past weekend, you sugarcoat the truth. Yes, there could be something going on with your metabolism or medically. Let’s make sure your diet isn’t causing you issues first.

I became a personal trainer because I wanted to help make a difference in someone’s life. So trust me when I say that I want you to succeed and more. Want to lose 15 pounds? Running in a marathon has caught your interest? Let’s set some goals, let me research and plan, and let’s apply my years of knowledge and experience with your determination to create the dream team so you can succeed. I may not always show it, but it hurts me when you don’t quite make it. I’m ready to make things right immediately. When reach your first goal, I love seeing how excited you are. I want to keep making this lifestyle exciting for you. I want you to freaking excel. 🙂

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