Is Healthy Eating Bland?

Over my many years as a trainer, my clients always had trouble sticking to the one thing that could have them looking like a better version of themselves. That one thing was healthy eating. And no, I do NOT mean eating salads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If anyone tells you do that, RUN. Run far and run fast. They have NO CLUE what they are talking about. And their “method” WILL wreck havoc on your metabolism.

My goal as my client’s coach was to help them see their food differently. We tend to think that the moment we take out take the fat, butter, oils, etc that our food goes from delicious to horribly bland. Why does it have to be bland? Let’s be clear about one thing. You aren’t truly concerned about your food tasting bad as you are about changing what you have been doing all these years. Changing any habit that you have been doing for years is hard to change. If you are serious about achieving a goal, you must do what it takes.

One thing I always recommended and seasoning your food with different spices. Let’s be real, you use butter and fat for what reason? Flavor. With spices, you get to do a lot more things with your foods that you never imagined. Here’s a question for you. When you go out to your favorite restaurants, do you think they are ONLY using butter, salt, and pepper, or are they using the all the spices they can to make their food stand out? Unless you are going to McEvil (McDonald’s), spices are used to give their meals variety.



So let’s say you have decided to buy spices, but you aren’t sure where to start looking. Let me recommend my absolutely favorite spice company of all time. No one is paying me to say it. I love companies that put love and care in the ingredients! Let me give you their motto: “Here at Flavor Savorz we believe you can have your steak and eat it too. We make your food taste amazing, and you can serve it to anyone in your family – guilt free. Our seasonings are non-GMO, low calorie, low salt, Paleo friendly, gluten free, MSG free, and no fillers.”So I don’t want to hear any excuses my loves. I gave you the key. Use it. Make your food taste like heaven on a plate. Make your friends think you are a better cook than you really are :-D.

Spices are the way to go to eat your ‘usual’ foods but with better quality. Still don’t believe me. Let me talk about my loving, stubborn, moves when she feels like it mom.When I was learning to enjoy food in a much healthier way than I was previously, I tried to get my mom in on my secrets. What did she really do? Tell me that I must hate her cooking and I that I cook my own food. When I cooked my own food, she refused to try it. After 3 years of fighting me, she finally came to the dark (healthy) side. Now she appreciates the variety I’ve brought in her life.

Healthy eating does NOT have to be bland. Your meals can be fun, healthy, and tasty. Re-creating the wheel is not needed here. If you want to make your same meals but healthier, leave out the bad fats and spice up your life.


If you want to learn more about the amazing company, Flavor Savorz, please check out their website. You wont be disappointed.



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