How’s your workout going?

We all know that one guy who goes to the gym. He has his jug full of water. His towel is in his hands and ready. He warms up on the recumbent bike with his newspaper. He is getting ready……. No, he’s not getting ready to go crush chest day. He is getting prepared to either find his crew or victims. This is the guy who will do what ever it takes to only do 3 machines in the 2.5 hours he is there. We have all seen him. He will get a set in, breathe hard to get someone to look his way. Get one more set it. Walk around, talk to the guy on the chest press machine between his set. 20 minutes goes by and he still hasn’t accomplish much of anything. He has chugged his water, swiped the sweat off of his forehead and leaves. He is very excited to do it all again tomorrow.


Yes, that was a very extreme example of someone not properly utilizing their gym membership. However, this is my question for you? How many times have you gone to the gym or a class, and only give it 25-50% of your effort? Don’t worry I’ll wait. Most of us are guilty of giving it only half the effort more than we would like to admit. Now, I understand that we have bad days. Does your bad day have to extend to a whole month? Here is my question for you: are you putting in half effort in all areas of your life? No? Why not? Why not half ass your job and time with your family? It’s because you see these the other aspects of your life that need 100% of your attention. As a priority that matters over everything. And yet, you neglect that same urgency with yourself. Is your health not worth more than half effort? The only answer is yes. It doesn’t matter if you a lifting weights, running, taking a group fitness class, or doing yoga, put your all into it. You CANNOT fail yourself when you push yourself.



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