Are You a Priority?

Every day, someone somewhere is putting off tomorrow what they could be doing today. When I trained at a big box gym, new members would always tell me what their goals were. “I want to tone”. “I want to lose my belly fat”. “I want to get rid of my giggly arms”. “I would like my back to stop hurting”. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. So, seeing how “eager” they were to accomplish these goals, I would suggest to get started that day. Then the excuses came. “I don’t think I’m ready to start today.” “I was going to wait a few weeks.” “I’m not fit enough or prepared enough to start today.” It dawned on me that we all and/or continue to make these justifications. Up until recently, I rationalized why I couldn’t reach my goals. Then a young woman named Ally reached out to me. She is an 18 year old battling cancer. She has been fighting cancer for 3 years. We have been talking often for the past few weeks. Want to know what she really wants to do? Walk outside. She simply wants to walk outside. Why isn’t able to do so? The chemotherapy wreak havoc on her body and now she feels weak. So her doctors sent her home to be in a more “relaxed” environment. Since she is only taking pain medication, she told me that she doesn’t have any energy to do more than just lay down. Her dream? To go walk on the beach. That’s it.

priorities wordle.jpg

I think about people like her who is grateful for just opening their eyes each day. Yet, here we are making excuses about why we can’t start achieving our goals today. The hardest part about starting something new is taking the first step. It is, to some degree, scary. We all have said each of these things ourselves: Will I succeed? What if I fail? Maybe I should wait for the right time? If you are really wanting to lose weight or build muscle, you will get out of your own way. Do you put off things that you find to be very important? I didn’t think so. Make yourself a priority!  Start making yourself so important that excuses can’t exist. We all have exactly the same amount of time in the day to accomplish our task.

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