Competing with others?

We have all done it. We’ve all checked out how great someone looks. Great abs. Perfect arms. Toned booty. Ever notice how we are spending time admiring things we do not have? In turn, we put ourselves down for not being perfect. Don’t think you are doing this? Ever looked in the mirror and start to judge yourself because your biceps aren’t big enough or you think you have too much belly fat, etc? Yes, you are putting yourself down for not being perfect.


So what the effect of putting yourself down? I would like to think that it would consistently keep you motivated to be the best version of yourself. Instead, it tends to have people do one of two things: over-exercise and under eat or question if what they are doing is the right thing and they give up. Here is the real reason why over analyzing the competition is dangerous: it distracts us from what we should be doing. It makes us think that just because someone else is winning, we automatically must be losing.

Hey! Ho!Let's Go!.png

This is why we need to be in competition with ourselves. If we want to better our mind body, and spirit, we must use our competitive spirit to motivate and inspire us. If you didn’t think you could run for 30 minutes, challenge yourself. Even if you have to run/walk during those 30 minutes. Keep going. If you didn’t think you could squat 20 more pounds than normal, motivate yourself to try…..with the proper spotter of course.

Let your other competitors help push you but be your own best competitor.

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